This week's  Friday flick pick on Netflix is a heart-pumping thriller with a great heroine.   Does this sound like fun?  Then check out "Hush."

Although it follows the typical alone in the house scary movie plot, there is one twist.

The story follows author Maddie Young (Kate Siegel) who lives in utter isolation, not just out in the woods, but also in a silent world as a deaf person.  Director Mike Flanagan plays with sonic elements, such as complete silence.  With the silence, we can fully grasp her point of view. You will also find yourself becoming more attune to how loud the simplest of sounds can be in contrast.  This only adds to the creepiness.

So, when a masked psychotic killer comes to her window, her vulnerability is truly horrifying.  And in an odd way, when the killer takes off his mask, it's even more unnerving. The killer, however, underestimates this story-teller (our heroine).  Maddie's gift for writing clever stories helps her craft her own survival.

Warning, It will be almost impossible to eat popcorn during this movie, as the pace 10 minutes in, escalates to a fever-pitch, that barely gives you time to breathe.

Plus there is some graphic violence in spots, as Maddie fights back, so not for the faint of heart and definitely for folks over 17.