Tops And Wegmans Ready For Nervous Shoppers
With shoppers nervous about shortages experienced in the Spring and COVID-19 cases on the rise, Western New York grocery stores are preparing for an influx of shoppers bracing for a possible shutdown they've told NEWS 4 BUFFALO (WIVB-TV).
Prices at Wegmans Are Going Up On Certain Products
Wegmans is seeing a trickle down effect where the operating costs are going up, and therefore some products at Wegmans are seeing their prices go up.
Businesses are changing and some HAVE to change in order to adapt to these times, and grocery stores are no exception...
Tops Markets Takes Proactive Steps To Protect Workers
Area Supermarkets including Tops Markets announced Thursday that they will begin additional safety measures at all their stores.
The safety measures include installing Plexiglas shields on many front-end registers and giving associates protective face masks where the Plexiglas can’t b…

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