Moore, Okla.: Before + After
We have all seen pictures from the destruction after the Moore, Okla. tornado. I heard an estimate that 13,000 homes were damaged, and the tornado caused up to $2 billion in damages.
Tornado Death Count Lowered
Officials in Oklahoma have lowered the number of deaths suffered to 24 in the massive tornado that swept through the town of Moore Monday night. Originally, the figure had been as high as 51, probably a result of double-counting.
Dog Found Alive In Rubble [VIDEO]
Obviously the stories coming out of Oklahoma have been heartbreaking. I'm doing all I can to not only pay tribute and respect, but also to find a glimmer of hope in some of this.  Here is my glimmer for this hour...
Out Of The Cellar [VIDEO]
News and updates continue to pour in after the Oklahoma tornado, and the footage we've seen has been hard to watch. Entire communities have been leveled in the 10-minute storm.  The local NBC station called it "the biggest, most destructive tornado in history."
How To Help Oklahoma
Like most of the country, I'm glued to the coverage of what's unfolding in Oklahoma.  Entire buildings flatted...vehicles tossed like crumpled foil...communities that are all but non-existent.
Tossed By a Tornado!
This is one of the many reasons I will not miss living in the South -- TORNADOES! They scare me, and I can't even imagine what I would do if I had one coming towards me like this!