Tom Hanks

SNL Preview: Tom Hanks Parachutes Off the NBC Roof
Tom Hanks had us a bit worried that SNL would forgo its Wednesday promos for a look back at the Inferno star’s eight previous hostings, but the man always delivers. See for yourself, as Hanks and Leslie Jones enjoy a round of mimosas, before being chased off of NBC’s roof.
Watch Tom Hanks Recreate All of His Movies in 8 Minutes
The Late Late Show With James Corden made its grand debut last night, with seemingly every celebrity in existence popping up to say hello. But for his first official guest, Corden snagged everyone’s favorite actor: the one and only Tom Hanks. More importantly, he got Tom Hanks to get really s…
Tom Hanks <3 Carly Rae
She brought us the catchiest song ever, "Call Me Maybe", and her latest single is no exception to the ear-worm rule!
Even Tom Hanks can't resist Carly Rae Jepson's newest song.  And it's adorable.

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