Mark Richards TV Weatherman?
Yes it's true, I was once a weekend weather-caster on both the NBC and CBS affiliates in Erie, Pennsylvania. I just had to dispel the rumor that I have a face for radio by showing up on local television as well.
Crystal What?
We've all done it, a Freudian slip, a faux pas, a slip of the tongue. But when veteran news anchor John Knicely recently announced his love for crystal meth, well, many viewers took notice.
Bill Takes a Tumble
There have been rumors that Bill Murray enjoys a drink or two, well, after seeing this, you'll agree that he was most likely was having a lot of fun in the city the other day. After being a part of the last episode of Letterman, and the after parties, Bill Murray literally crashed an MSNBC set.
Letterman’s Final Shows
All I can say is, Dave, thanks for the memories. In my opinion, by far, David Letterman is, and now was, the best in late night television. Yes, better that Carson and Leno combined. He had a natural funniness about him and he seemed to poke just the right amount of fun at those who should be teased…
Say What?
It's Friday! We're finally over the hump and the weekend is just about here. In Detroit the other day, Fox 2′s Amy Andrews noted that the weather forecast for Detroit was going to be dry. The way she phrased it that makes this video one you'll want to listen to over and over.
A 'Fuller House'
With ABC News, Netflix, and with John Stamos breaking the news on Jimmy Kimmel, it appears that a 'Full House' reunion show will be on the air soon. It's going to be called Fuller House, and 13 episodes have been ordered.
TV Hosts Clash
These newscasters were supposed to be talking about a sermon by the Pope at the Vatican on Easter Sunday, but actually, things got awkward. Now the show did air on April Fools day but, being a broadcaster myself, it appear that the tension is genuine.
Too Hungry To Report
When this guy is hungry, nothing can stop him from filling his belly. Not even a live shot on the local newscast. My favorite part of the video is that he already has a McDonald’s bag in the backseat! I hope he didn't lose his reporting job over this blooper.
Walking Dead Details
When you're watchin the zombies on the 'Walking Dead' have you ever wondered, just what are they eating? What are they biting into when they take a chunk out of a human being? The answer is finally here! WARNING: NSFW language
Stephen Colbert To Begin...
We now know the date for the first edition of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Long time Late Night host David Letterman announced in 2014 that he'll retire in 2015 and soon after that, Colbert was tapped as his replacement.
Review For This TV Are Amazing!
“The black levels and color depth on this TV are pretty good for the price. However, the small screen is a deal breaker. I recommend buying an IMAX theater instead.”

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