Using The Best Sunscreen
It's nice to get out and soak up the sun. After a long winter, I welcome it with open arms. I never forget the sunscreen and neither should you.  I often tease my friends who insist on going out in the sun without protection and wind up looking like a lobster straight from the sea.
Taking Time Off Your Hands
I recently strolled down the Target Isle looking for my favorite sunscreen. It's sunny and I am all about skin protection, Even in the winter months. I as usual started "talking" to the woman next to me and she stated" I always use sunscreen on my face. I DON'T W…
The Best Sunscreens For You
Shopping for sunscreen can be confusing. Prices vary quite a bit, and then all the scientific lingo, UV Rays and SPF's. I never know which one to choose. But, now, Consumer Reports is out with a list of top sunscreens.