Cheektowaga Gives Students HIV + AIDS Coloring Books
Some 7 year olds came home from school at Cheektowaga's Union East Elementary School this week with a coloring book homework about AIDS and HIV.
As you can imagine, parents are extremely concerned:
 John Tatta, the boy's father, says he was never told the second grade students woul…
What Happened During Boating Accident of Lancaster Teacher
It has been a tough couple of days in Lancaster after the sudden loss of longtime teacher Eric Przykuta in a boating accident Saturday night. His body was found Sunday morning after a big team rescue effort.
Eric was an avvocate for both teachers and students at the Lancaster Middle School, serving a…
New New York Law Requires Vaccine for 7th, 12th Graders
As another school year kicks off, it's important that parents become aware of a new state law that has been implemented for 7th and 12th grade students.
According to WGRZ, students entering the grades seventh and twelfth grade attending public and charter schools, must receive a vaccin…
RANKINGS: 2016 Best Public High Schools in Western New York
There is no doubt that when you get an education here in Western New York, you are getting one of the best educations not only in the state but in the entire county. New York has some of the best education programs in the country and Western New York adds to that value...

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