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How to See If Anyone Has Logged Onto Your Facebook
Ever have a suspicion someone besides yourself has been logging into your Facebook account? Not sure how to prove it or make sure it's not happening? Follow these easy steps now to check.
1.)Go to Facebook Click Settings>Security>Where You're Logged In
2.) Cli...
How To Totally Avoid Your Ex on Facebook
If you've just gone through a break-up, this time of year can be particularly challenging, especially if social media has become your new BFF.
This seems counter intuitive, but Facebook actually introduced a feature that DOESN'T violate your privacy...
Social Media FIGHT!!
Yesterday, Rose McGowen lost her cool on Instagram when someone "accused" her of looking like Michael Jackson in a photo she posted. She full-on engaged with some jerk who felt it necessary to attack her from behind the digital shield.

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