Pumpkin carving

'Because I Said So' week in review for 11/4
The first week of November is in the books, and with Halloween and October ending and the Christmas season prematurely beginning, we will get you caught up on everything from this past week's show!
We closed out Halloween with a bang!  W...
VOTE for the Best WNY Carved Pumpkin
Halloween is officially over but that doesn't mean the treats stop coming!  Someone in WNY is about to win the Mix96 Ultimate Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag!
You were asked to submit your WNY themed carved pumpkin and you didn't disappoint.  W...
Because I Said So - Week In Review 10/28
What a fun week we had leading up to Halloween. Here is everything to catch you up on what you may have missed!
Things were HORRIFYING but not in the ways we hoped.  Instead it was the Buffalo Bills performance in Miami.  Check out the Miami House of Horrors.
Eric Jordan's Pumpkin Carving Skills are Incredible
Val Townsend and Tony P of Because I Said So, had a pumpkin carving contest the other day on the air. Now I'm not allowed to participate officially because I'm not allowed to win station contests... however this pumpkin of mine is too good now to share...
Laura Daniels' Pumpkin Carving Ideas [PHOTOS]
We were carving pumpkins this weekend, and I decided I wanted to do something outside of my usual triangle-eyes-circle-nose-jagged-smile go-to.  I checked out a few ideas on Pinterest, and I'm just not crafty enough to do the shadowing, intricate work...
A Self-Carving Pumpkin!
Carving pumpkins can be hard...I've never mastered the art of the perfect cut. My dad used to cut ours with his jig saw. We'd draw the design on, he'd cut it out, and poof, nice lookin' pumpkins.
It’s Pumpkin Time! [VIDEO]
Here's a question to ponder with your second cup of coffee; most of us know a lot of pumpkins get grown in the United States, with the majority being sold from roughly Halloween to Thanksgiving. But how much pumpkin is grown in the US each year, in pounds?