Eric Jordan's Fake Proposal at Disney World [VIDEO]
Last week I was away from the Mix 96 studios because I was on vacation. I was visiting one of my favorite spots in all of the world... Disney World! I have been to Disney MANY times, I go nearly 3 to 4 times a year. A nearly every trip I have made to the happiest place on earth, I find myself witnes…
Proposal at Waterfall Goes Terribly Wrong [VIDEO]
I'm sure we all have watched plenty of incredible proposal videos! You know.. the ones that give us the feels. Maybe just reliving your own proposal moment in your mind brings back great memories.
But for one couple they, and the rest of the world will remember their moment as tragic. A y.…
Facebook Helps Photographer Find Couple from Proposal
Often I find myself on social media consuming my time with silly videos, celebrity drama, and the political opinions of others. However today I stumbled upon one of the cutest Facebook posts I've seen in a while.
Yesterday Melody Jett, a local photographer, was in Letchworth State Park with her fami…
Coolest Christmas Marriage Proposal In Lancaster, NY
This one couldn't have been an easy one to plan when you live with the girl that you're trying to get engaged to.
Mike had quite the elaborate plan to ask Ashely to marry him at their house in Lancaster over the holidays. Though, trying to craft the surprise while you both live there is no …
Rochester Man Proposes Jurassic Park Style [VIDEOS]
You have to be really committed to a movie franchise to pull something like this off.
Then again, you also have to be committed to the relationship to propose, so I guess it all works out for everyone! :)
EJ Cantu, an actor from Rochester, arranged the proposal for his Jurassic-Park-fan gi…
Selfie Proposal [VIDEO]
This is a cute little video making its rounds...He pretends they're about to take a selfie...but then pops the question.
Her raw reaction is adorable. Congrats, guys!

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