A Purr-Fect Fit Has Their 4th Annual 'Kitten Shower'
It's Spring in Western New York, and along with more favorable weather, kitten season is here. Local rescue shelters are getting inundated with stray and abandoned kittens or pregnant cats which can prove to be tough financially on non-profit shelters.
Koko Gets a Kitten [VIDEO]
Koko is that famous gorilla near San Francisco who knows over 1,000 words in sign language and understands 2,000 words in English.
She's basically like a 3 year old human!
She asked for a kitten in 1984, and got one...leading to her cover shot on National Geographic...
Kittens + Star Wars
This month's book club books is about a cat named Homer. In honor of that, I give you adorableness with Star Wars and cats!
Jedi Kittens:
Jedi Kittens Strike Back:
Jedi Kitten with the Force:
Jedi Kitten with the Force - Behind The Scenes: