Jurassic Park

ROC Jurassic Proposal [VIDEOS]
You have to be really committed to a movie franchise to pull something like this off.
Then again, you also have to be committed to the relationship to propose, so I guess it all works out for everyone! :)
EJ Cantu, an actor from Rochester, arranged the proposal for his Jurassic-Park-fan gi…
Jurassic Star Chris Pratt Pranked
Have you hit the theater yet to see Jurassic World? It seems just about everyone has or plans to. What would you do if it looked like an actual dinosaur was about to attack you? That's what happened to actor Chris Pratt.
Weekend Box Office
Everyone knew that Jurassic World was going to open big, but no one saw this coming. The fourth film in the beloved dinosaur-centric franchise had the second biggest domestic opening of all time, the biggest June opening of all time, and, with $511 million worldwide, the biggest international openin…
‘Jurassic World’ Trailer: The Park is Open!
Something has survived ... and it’s been packaged, licensed and sold to an audience of millions! No, we’re not talking about the Jurassic Park franchise or the new Jurassic World trailer, but rather the dinosaurs on display in the film, who are the star attractions in a fully functioni…

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