Promise To A Vet [VIDEO]
Lately, it can seem like the world is falling apart.  It's stories like the one below that makes you remember there IS still good in the world.
Max Zahir bought dinner for a homeless veteran.  The vet had asked him for spare change at a gas station near Los Angeles...
Homeless Piano Player
Donald Gould has had a rough ride so far in life, but now he has captured America’s attention. Recently he was videoed doing his rendition of ‘Come Sail Away’ by Styx, and Inside Edition decided to tell the nation about him.
Xmas Party For Homeless [VIDEO]
Christmas Party for The Homeless
This is the second year that Joshua and Jeremiah West, two elementary-aged boys, will be organizing The Christmas Party for the Homeless.  Last year the brothers inspired the event in their home town of Rochester and this year they decided to expand and throw a p…
Police Officer Caught Helping Homeless Man
Usually, when we see pictures of police officers, they aren’t in a good way. We usually think “thanks for the ticket…not”. But, in this case, New York City Police officer Lawrence DePrimo, is a good example of what every person should be, especially…
Do You Help Panhandlers? [POLL]
Maybe it's because I'm Downtown late at night and early in the morning, coming to or going home from work here at The New 96.1-Joy FM. I seem to get asked a lot for spare change, or a buck or two for coffee or a sandwich.