Is Delaware Road in Clarence Center Really Haunted?
If you're from Buffalo and surrounding area, you've no doubt heard about the "Haunted Road"...Delaware Road in Clarence Center.  I was looking for an idea for a Blog and came across numerous video and articles regarding Delaware Raod in Clarence Center being HAUNTED.…
Watch and See What Frightworld Looks Like Before Doors Open
This Past Friday was the Mix 96 Halloween Bus Tour. We took a group of listeners to  several top Halloween attractions around Buffalo. The first stop on the tour was Frightworld, Because I Said So with Val Townsend and Tony P were broadcasting live there before doors opened to the public...
Haunted Mighty Taco?
Might Taco? Haunted? Could it be? Well, it'd be hard for most customers to tell since it's a late night go to for the night scene.
But apparently it is thought by some that the Eggert Road Might Taco in Tonawanda has a few nonpaying customers hanging around...
Haunted Buffalo: Marjim Manor Winery in WNY [Video]
Shubal, Sophia and Lewis Merritt, Charles and Hannah Ring and the Sisters of St. Joseph's dog Duke are the spirits of The Winery at Marjim Manor in Western New York. The historic winery in Appleton, NY, is a part of the Haunted History Trail of New York State.

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