fourth of July

Zima is BACK!
Fellow clear malt beverage drinkers of the early 90s, unite!  ZIMA is back, baby!
MillerCoors just announced ZIMA is back from the dead for a limited time, hitting the shelves by the Fourth of July.
It wooed us all in 1993 (not that I was underage drinking...
Hot Dog Ice Cream???
Usually you have to wait until fair season for weird frankenfoods....not in New York!
Two chefs just created hot dog ice cream.
But it's not just ice cream with pieces of hot dogs in it.  They've INFUSED ice cream with hot dogs, frozen in a hot dog shape, and if that weren't enough…
Top Fourth of July Fireworks Displays in WNY
With our fighting men and women overseas protecting our freedom and risking their lives, the fourth of July means a little more to America. The sound and feeling of a fireworks show on Independence day can't help but give you goose bumps and a feeling of national pride. Here are some of the bes…

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