Anyone Remember This Buffalo Bills Song?
Here is the opening of a Buffalo News story from January 16, 1992:
Move over, Michael Jackson and Madonna. Make way for the hot new song on the Buffalo airwaves: the "Buffalo Bills Polka."
You don't have to be Polish to yell out "yip, yip, yip" and two-step to …
Sunday’s Buffalo Bills Game in Jeopardy As COVID Cases Rise
Things can certainly turn fast.
There was a COVID-19 outbreak within the Tennessee Titans organization last week that forced them to cancel their game last week October 4. They had 18 positive tests over a period of 6 days in a row and the first two days with 0 new cases were this Monday and Tuesday.…
Buffalo Bills 2020 Schedule Released
As you'll see, this schedule is not easy by any means, but the Bills roster, coaching staff and front office is better than it's been in decades, and they're ready to take the NFL by storm.
All The People Who Went Through Folding Tables on Monday Night
I still blame all of the breakings of folding tables on the dizzy bat kid. There was a kid who went did a dizzy bat so fast he ended up smashing his head on a school bus by accident and the internet blew up. He got so much publicity that it became a thing that online to try and one-up it and get not…

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