father's day gifts

Tony P's Dad Day Gift Ideas
Father's Day is Sunday, and for most of you that are prepared for it you can sit back and relax.  For the rest of us that like to live life at the last minute, I am providing a list of a few cool items to get Dad.
As with any holiday, no matter what you get Dad he is required to like it...
5 Useful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day
Dad is going to love you no matter what you get him, but seriously, he really doesn't need another tie. This year, get him something he might actually use, like one of these five ideas for Father's Day gifts that can do a heck of a lot more than a "World's Best Dad&…
Father’s Day Gifts
Father's day is this Sunday! Got your dad's gift yet? Sometimes it's hard to come up with good gift idea's for Father's Day. So here's a quick list for the Dad Who Has Everything.