Elmwood Village

Going Local?
We announced last week that there are some businesses closing its doors. Well, some local businesses are expanding!
Buffalo Porchfest 2017
It's become yet another marker of the beginning of summer (and fall, for that matter...but right now, we're talking JUNE!) in Buffalo.  And the weather is going to cooperate beautifully.
Buffalo Porchfest started in 2013, bouncing off a similar event in Ithaca...
New Plans for Elmwood Village Project
Ciminelli proposes changes to Elmwood Village project, remains committed to $40M development. https://t.co/uYIoWx3f2V pic.twitter.com/6uiDzhlDiR
— WBFO (@WBFO) January 31, 2017
Back in October of 2016 Ciminelli Real Estate bought property in Buffalo's Elmwood Village...
Top Restaurants On Elmwood
Whether you are creeping around Spot coffee on your iPad setting your fantasy hockey lineup or lurking inside Urban pretending to be interested in a $150 Paul Frank button down, eventually your Elmwood strip hijinks will work up a Michael Moore size appetite for local grub...
Buffalo On HGTV
The City of Buffalo has been in the spotlight for a ton of events over the past few months, and it will be featured once again this weekend.