Buffalo ONLY Meals
It's everyone's favorite week in Buffalo! Local Restaurant Week runs all week long (3/20-3/26/17) and while we WNYer's have never needed an excuse to go out and sample our local chef's wares, a $20.17 meal is a pretty good one!
All week, Val Townsend and Tony P are sampling s…
Facebook Friends Turkey Tips For Cheryl
I am cooking this year, and somehow I don't even think Butterball is going to be able to help me.  So, I turned to my friends on Facebook for turkey tips this Thanksgiving.  I thank you all for your expert advice, kind words and humor.  Dinner is at 2pm, hopefully.  You may …
Computers Know What You Want For Dinner!
Can you believe this technology! It's five o'clock, you are hungry, tired and have no idea what to make for dinner. Computer giant Intel and the Kraft food company have devised a kiosk that uses video analysis to scan your face and tell you what your next meal should be.