Favorite Places To Cry
You're driving to work, mentally planning out your day, you've just gotten in an argument with your husband. You walk in the door and your boss reprimands you, for some minor thing you forgot, bosses are good at that. You're on the verge of tears...where do you go?
Thurman Thomas on Mix 96 [VIDEO]
In case you missed it Friday (5/26/17), Thurman Thomas spent some time with me, talking about the new theater production of his life (get details on that here!) and the struggles his own family has had with depression (read more here).
He was a total pleasure to hang with (this was a first for me, so…
Thurman Shares Story [VIDEO]
Earlier this week, I told you about a Buffalo theater production, opening next week,  about the life and times of Thurman Thomas.
I've invited Mr. Thomas to the Mix96 studio to chat more about that production...stay tuned!
But in case you missed it last night on WGRZ, he shared a very person…
Depression -- My Own Experience [VIDEO]
Genie, you're free.
— The Academy (@TheAcademy) August 12, 2014
I'm not unique in saying I was really quite taken aback by the news of Robin Williams' suicide. Losing him was like losing an old pal.  I love...
My Tough Brain Admission
I made an admission this morning, that admittedly, wasn't that easy to do. After all, I'm kind of charged with bringing you upbeat and energetic entertainment every morning. However, I'm also human.