#MOMLIFE 5AM On Crazy Hat Day
Find out what happens when Val realizes it's Crazy Hat Day at her son's school today, at 5AM. Hint: it includes a trip to the store & a glue gun.
Keeping Kids Busy [VIDEOS]
I've been seeing different posts for homemade suncatchers in my Facebook feed a lot lately, which I think are pretty cool, and I might try myself!
(Have you tried them yet? Send us pics!)
Now that school's out, parents are scrambling for new and innovative ways to keep kids active and engage…
Kids DIY Crafts
When I was a kid, for whatever reason, my grandma got up and put that turkey in the oven at like...5am.  Why the cooking time has reduced so much now, I have no idea.  I'll leave that to the scholars.
But I CAN tell you, when I was a kid, that meant WE were up and raring to go...
Schedule Here!
Don't miss it Next Saturday - April 25th, 2015
9am-1pm & 2pm-6pm
Please read below for the tentative schedule and see you soon!
Fun Halloween Kid Activities
Halloween candy is already in the store and the pumpkins will be coming soon too!
Here is a project you can do with your children that is less messy than actually cleaning out and carving a pumpkin!
Still want to use a pumpkin in your decorations...