Winter Flu Season Arrives EARLY
Citing health officials, reports are that the winter flu season in the U.S. is starting at its earliest point in over 15 years, and this flu season could peak much earlier than usual.
The Flu Season Is Lingering
The flu season despite thoughts to the contrary is definitely NOT over yet. The normal flu season usually lasts through late February through early March, but the Center for Disease Control warns that a new strain may lengthen the window of vulnerability this year, possibly into May.
Drowsy Driving Can Kill!
Does that driver in the next car look a little sleepy? Maybe you should be worried. So says a new report from the Centers for Disease Control. A just-released report based on interviews with drivers in 19 states, including New York, says more than four percent of all drivers admitted to falling asle…
Buffalo MAY Be America’s Safest Driving City!
The next time you get into an auto accident, just remember you’re lucky it happened here. Really.
Buffalo is one of the 10 safest driving cities in America, according to a new government report .
The study, done by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, looked at deat…
Flu Shot Time, Already?
It seems like the Summer months have just ended, the leaves are still green and it is flu shot time...already? The answer is of course, yes!
10 Dirtiest Foods We’re Eating
This article from Men's Health caught my eye!
I try to eat healthy, and I sometimes think about foodborne illnesses when I am at a restaurant, but not usually at home, or when cooking on the grill.

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