Canada Tariffs United States To On All of These [LIST]
Canada is retaliating to President Trump's new taxes on steel and aluminum imported to America. Canada has put tariffs on the following:

Dishwasher detergent
Lawn Mowers

Speaking Sunday in Leamington, Ontario, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thanked Canadians for standing …
Bird Sings Rihanna [VIDEO]
No, "Driving While Wearing a Ferret" is NOT an actual offense. But it was the basis of one Canadian man's recent traffic ticket.
Edmonton police issued a ticket for distracted driving because he had his ferret around his neck.
This story tickles me for two reasons: one, bec…
Canadian Food Wins
Canada, Western New York loves you.
You're our comforting neighbors to the north.
You're our "go-to" place to move when something happens here in the US that we don't like.
You're also home to some of the best junk food that we in the states never get to see...

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