Buffalo Bills

The 3 Most Iconic Buffalo Bills Fans
Buffalo BIlls fans have been ranked the #1 fans in sports before, the #1 tailgaters in the NFL and probably we would rank fairly high in the beer consumption too.
Buffalo isn't all about breaking folding tables and slamming beers, though...
Bills Fans Called 'Laughingstock' in Chicago
Welp, leave it to Bills fans.
You can think whatever you want about Buffalo and Bills fans, but you can never say they are not generous, kind and big-hearted. NBC Sports in Chicago made a mockery of Bills fans in a video saying "drink to make their team fun to watch" and showed clips of tai…
Guy Gets Great Buffalo Bills Tattoo [PICTURES]
Michael BonGiovanni, of Tonawanda was going to get a Bills tattoo, and then after the Buffalo Bills game where the bills surprisingly WON things took on a whole new life.
During one of the plays on Sunday afternoon the Buffalo Bills quarterback hurdled over a Vikings player in a stunning win for the …

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