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Guy Gets Great Buffalo Bills Tattoo [PICTURES]
Michael BonGiovanni, of Tonawanda was going to get a Bills tattoo, and then after the Buffalo Bills game where the bills surprisingly WON things took on a whole new life.
During one of the plays on Sunday afternoon the Buffalo Bills quarterback hurdled over a Vikings player in a stunning win for the …
WATCH: Bills Dad Does Hilarious Parody Every Week [VIDEO]
haha I love these videos. Every week, Buffalo Bills fan Dick DeGroat puts a video up on Facebook of a song parody catered to the Buffalo Bills, talking about Bills highlights, Buffalo food and celebrating wins.
The first week was absolutely ridiculous to be a Buffalo Bills fan, but he's back thi…
Look: Buffalo Bills Auctioning Off Extra Stuff
I hate to say it, but if you are looking forward to Christmas and want to get a head start this may not be a bad idea!
The Buffalo Bills had so much extra stuff that they want to get rid of it and this business, Cash Realty and Auctions will hold a 10-day online auction to get rid of it all...
Is The New Billy Buffalo Mascot Ugly? [PICTURE]
New year. New team. New mascot.
Billy Buffalo got a makeover for 2018, but it's ughhh....interesting.
People were chiming in on Twitter on Sunday after Billy made his new debut from the tunnel entering onto New Era Field.
The reaction...
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