Ridiculous Record Broken in Buffalo In Guinness
All week long we were trying to bust an urban legend rumor that we kept hearing over and over and over again: did Depew, NY have the most amount of bars in America at one point?
The answer is yes. Depew, back in the 1900s had the most amount of bars per capita in the United States of America because …
Have You Eaten Breakfast For All 3 Meals?
Everone has a favorite meal of the day...for me it is dinner but survey says... most of us like breakfast more than lunch or dinner. Truth be told we like it so much, the average person has a SECOND breakfast at least once a week.
Breakfast In The Classroom?
We've all heard many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There is a national program afoot to bring breakfast to students in the classroom.
"Breakfast In the Classroom" is now serving 75 school districts across 26 states...

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