bad weather

Bad Driving Conditions
Are you like me and prefer the volume turned down on the radio when you focused on driving? Well, whatever the volume level, keep your eyes on the roads over the next week as driving conditions in Western New York are poor. This clip I shot along Route 5 is a small example of what you'll see ar…
Cold Weather Coming!
According to The Weather Channel and Vencore Weather, bitterly cold air is forecast to grow across parts of northern and western Canada. That cold air will likely head into the United States as early as this weekend! Be prepared for old man winter's rage next week!
Drone Snowfall Footage
It's been a year now since the winter destruction of #snowvember that mostly devastated the south towns Buffalo, New York. My favorite memory was sharing with you the  footage that Jimmy Grimaldi of West Seneca shot with his drone camera.
What Makes a Storm Severe?
We've just experienced strong damaging winds throughout Western New York over the last couple of days and more severe weather patterns are sure to come. Low pressure, high pressure, the polar vortex, the jet stream, El Nino – just what makes storms severe?
Northeast U.S. Snow?
This upcoming weather pattern could bring snowfall to our region as soon as this month with the possibility of out Northeast regions of The United States seeing this precipitation as early as this weekend.
Pastor Retrieves a Casket
I just got off the phone with my buddy in Clover S. Carolina and all is well in his neighborhood. For many others, things are still a mess. Just watch and see what this pastor did on LIVE TV!
It just snowed in Canada
With cooler temperatures forecasted for Western New York this week, I thought I'd let you know that it could be worse. It snowed in the Canadian province of Alberta the other day. Yes, in August!
Time-Lapse Photography Storm!
Here is your amazing video moment of the day. For the life of me I don't know why they’d want to stick around until the storm hits, but it sure did result in some cool shots.