Whether you like the game, the commercials, the food, and/or party, chances are you're doing something on Sunday for the big game.


And as per usual, there may be many calling in "sick" on Monday (for the record, regardless of what I did or where I went, I've NEVER called in after Superbowl...even though my alarm goes off at 3:30am.  The show must go on!!!).  I digress.

With this in mind, every year there's a new petition going around, lobbying to designate the Monday after Superbowl as a national holiday.  This has always bugged me for several reasons:

1. 9/11 still isn't recognized as such
2. I'm an adult and can and should make grown up decisions about my own behavior

With that out of my system, I'd be remiss if I didn't share this petition page with you, in case you feel the need to "honor" a sports game with a day of zero productivity in this country.

Don't get me wrong:  I know football is an obsession for many.  I went to Jamestown High School - our worlds revolved around our football team.  I get it.  I enjoy the game myself.  I love watching my Giants.

Giants meme

But generally, ALL of Sunday is dedicated to the game.   Why would we "require" another day to it?  Just so some can sleep it off?

Unless you're a coach or one of the players, you don't need a day of rest after the game.

Just my 2 cents! :) What do YOU think?
<3 LD


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