We all know "that guy" or "that girl".

The ones who puts on shorts the minute the temperature goes above the freezing mark (my boyfriend is one of them).

ThinkStock / Lea Adams

Along with that, open-toed shoes start showing up WAY too early; and frankly, after those dogs have been stuffed in winter boots for three months if a pedicure hasn't happened yet, why subject everyone to that? (This would be a cute, colorful start, but it makes me crave Skittles.)

ThinkStock / Rade Lukovic

Here in WNY, we can sometimes have a meteorological identity crisis...it can be 74 degrees one day, and eight hours later it's in the 30s. It can lead to several fashion faux pas.

So, what are some of the worst offenders to you?

On a related note, a new survey found the average man loses fashion sense at age 53, which parlayed into a comprehensive list of the top 10 things men over 40 shouldn't wear.

The list pretty subjective. I LOVE a man in a hoodie and baseball hat, especially over 40.  Actually, none of these are too offensive to me.

It includes:

  • hoodies
  • track pants
  • sports jerseys
  • white socks
  • baseball hats
  • leather jackets
  • white sneakers
  • band t-shirst
  • flip flops
  • track jackets

IMHO, I'd like to add that, at ANY age, fanny packs, speedos, and bomber jackets have no place in the world.