Spring has officially sprung, and for a lot of us, that means spring cleaning!  I've literally only done it as a renter, every time I moved. But since I just bought a house, I'm gonna have to get into a new habit!

That includes the inside, and the outside, of your home. There are a few precautions to take though...


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    Use A Ladder!

    Don't get lazy. If you can't quite reach things like ceiling fans, enlist help. Stretching to reach something is how most accidents happen.

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    Don't Lift Alone!

    If you're moving a big piece of furniture to clean under it, lift with your legs, or ask for help!

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    Don't Use Too Many Chemicals

    You can clean almost anything with vinegar and water. Here's a good list!

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    Don't Mix Chemicals!

    Mixing bleach and vinegar creates a gas that can burn your lungs.  Bleach and anything with ammonia does the same.  NEVER mix these together!

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