When it comes to NFL fan bases, few rival how great we are here in Western New York. The Buffalo Bills have been a disaster for the past 17 years and yet we still support them full force.


We are not completely unique in that way.  Other fan bases support their teams through thick and thin, like the Browns, Packers, and Steelers to name a few.  We know we are better than those fans but how do we prove it?


Sure jumping through tables that are on fire at a tailgate makes us infamous, but what really makes us stand out?  The shout song.  Now I know what you're thinking, how does that song separate us.  Easy.  Every wedding you have been to in Western New York plays that song and it ends with everyone doing the Bills chant.

wedding dancing



Think about it, when was the last time you heard that song and that didn't happen. Every wedding, every time.  There's no other songs for any other teams.  If you go to a wedding out of state and that song comes on, you and any other Bills fans around do the chant.  It's instinctual.


I was at a wedding last night (Congratulations again Pete and Karli!!) and the shout song came on and it was like you were at New Era Field.  It was awesome.  No other team has that.  We literally celebrate our team year round at every opportunity possible. We only have weddings so we can celebrate the Bills (I think).


So the next time anyone gives you grief for being a Bills fan, just shake it off...we know we're the best.  GO BILLS!