Do you remember your high school prank? This one went so bad that the school is having a problem nearly two years later. The kids just love to clog the toilet and watch them overflow which, clearly causes a disaster (and a nasty one at that). But, here’s how they’re ‘solving’ the problem that has parents and kids in an outrage.




The Mahanoy Area High School in Pennsylvania says that is has forced to come up with a brand new bathroom policy. When they boys have to go to the bathroom, they first have to go down to the office….SIGN OUT THEIR TOILET PAPER, use it & return it before going back to class.

Signing out your toilet paper, yes that is correct.

It’s helped solve a major problem of intentionally clogging toilets that’s been going on for two year.”

But, it has parents & kids in an outrage. One parent said that kids are too embarrassed to go down to the office when they have to go to the bathroom that bad, so they’re going home “sick”. What do you think? Ridiculous? Or do the kids need to learn a lesson?

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