Style icon. Oscar-winning actress. A real princess. Who wouldn't want to be Grace Kelly? Well, one actress is about to get the chance, at least in a new movie.

The planned picture is set during a six-month period in 1962, when France put pressure on the small principality of Monaco to end its status as a tax-free state. Kelly, by then Princess Grace of Monaco, worked behind the scenes to help her husband Prince Rainier maintain control.

A news story about the movie also speculated on who should play the legendary beauty. Among those suggested; Mad Men's January Jones, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, and [my personal choice] Scarlett Johansson. No word on when it'll be released, or even when filming might begin, but a script is finished.

Who do you think should portray Grace Kelly? Would you be interested in even going to a movie about an actress who ended her career in 1956, when she married Prince Rainier, and died in a 1982 auto crash? Let us know, either here or on our Facebook page.


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