Chances are your kids either use, or have asked to use the app

A recent report from WGRZ warns parents that the app is popular among sex traffickers and sexual predators.  According to Unbound (an anti-trafficking organization) Professional Training Coordinator Jessica Sykora, " is kind of the app of the moment that parents and educators are concerned about, and rightly so. It gives kids access to a lot of people who want to connect with them for exploitive purposes. As soon as we get a hold on this another pops up... we've got to teach our kids how to behave safely and appropriately online." is not supposed to have the ability to video chat, but a loophole in the app can allow it to happen if you're messaged by users of both the and apps, since they share a common back-end interface.

The article explains:

"Users that download both and can then contact people who only downloaded the app because the apps share a friends list. It appears the ability to receive a live chat is automatically downloaded with even if the user didn't want it. Users can also follow other people on either app and then direct message them."