We can't stop talking about Miley Cyrus' twerk and tongue-filled VMAs performance.

Her BFFs have stuck up for her over her polarizing performance, which set the Twitterverse alight with comments filled-to-the-brim Haterade. Her friend Cheyne Thomas got into the mix, interpreting a Kelly Clarkson tweet as a diss on Miss Miley.

Clarkson tweeted:

Notice, the 'Tie It Up' singer never names names and doesn't explicitly say Miley, but it's not a stretch to think that's exactly who she is speaking about. You know, Miley's birth name is Destiny, which is a stripper moniker if there ever was one.

But back on topic.

Clarkson's tweets caused some nasty tweets from Miley's peeps, who called the singer "fat" and "bitter" and claimed her last few singles have flopped. Perhaps they forgot that Clarkson is coming off one of her most successful albums ever with 'Stronger' and she's been crossing over into country with her new track.

Just sayin'.

Maybe Miley and Kelly can hug this one out over Twitter.

See the convo below. It's not very nice. We understand that Thomas was defending his girl Miley but he got mean. Tsk tsk.