Sometimes I think people that listen to my show secretly say..."Maybe he's off his meds"  LOL...but on a serious note did you know that there ARE medications that you should not just cut off.

Nearly 30% of us at one time or another have stopped taking medications, or not started without consulting our physician. Sound hard to believe? The number one reason? COST according to NPR-Truven Health Analytics Health Poll.

To abruptly stop taking a prescription medication without telling your doctor is called medication non-adherence, and it is estimated to result in increased hospitalizations and premature deaths, alongside a whopping healthcare bill for America that totals anywhere between $100 billion and $289 billion a year, according to an NPR report.

Here are just some of the medications that you should not stop abruptly:

  • Blood pressure meds
  • Anti-depressants and Anti-Anxiety medications
  • Blood thinners
  • Steroids
  • Thyroid medication

There are more, along with an explanation of the reasons not to stop taking these along with medications you should be weened off of at