My first 15 days with Guaranteed Weight Loss of Western New York and NutriMost is going pretty good. Right now I'm doing something that most people are not. I'm fighting for my health, and I'm fighting to look and feel a certain way. A better way.

Last winter, I weighed 223. When I got on the scale on July 1st, I weighed 215.8 pounds. After just 14 days I'm down to 202.4 with a goal of 190. I'm now convinced that it's happening with the NutriMost Ultimate Fat-Loss System.

Now, I've had a relapse (thanks for bringing all that delicious food into the station the other day) but with their open door policy, I can reach out anytime during this 40 day journey towards reaching my goal. Guaranteed Weight Loss of WNY wants you to know:

This program focuses on the technology which allows us to get each person into that incredible fat-burning zone. We then also are able to monitor with the follow up body composition analysis’ to watch the fat go down, metabolic age go down, and the water go up to proper healthy levels.

Let me share a tip with you from the NutriMost Ultimate Fat-Loss Manual. When I relapsed and had to get back on track I used their "Apple Day” suggestion. This “Plateau Breaker” helped me get my body back on track and back into the fat-burning process.

Here's a look at what you can expect after your initial consultation.