Sure, the Powerball is tonight...and it's around $450 million right now.   Your chances of winning are 290 million to one, just so you know.

You can keep hope alive, or get in on an auction with MUCH better odds!

A man from Michigan won a "Cash for Life" scratch-off a few years ago.  The jackpot pays him $1000 a month until he dies.  Apparently the "slow pace" isn't cutting it, and Donald Magett needs to pay off some bankruptcy debts, so he's auctioning off his winning lottery ticket.

ThinkStock / Brand X Pictures
ThinkStock / Brand X Pictures

The only catch will only keep paying until HE dies, since it's HIS ticket.  He's 73.  So if you're bidding, balance out how long you think he'll stick around, and how much you're willing to cough up.

Opening bid?  $30,000.  So you need him to live for at least 3 years just to break even (after taxes).

Donald does say he's in good health, though!

The auction starts at 8am tomorrow (1/7/16) here.  It goes until 8:30pm.



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