As we enter the dog days of Summer, you might find yourself walking around in flip-flops or barefooted but can you get a ticket if the police catch you driving sans footwear?

As the days get hot and muggy here you will see more and more people scaling down what they are wearing. Lots of t-shirts and tanktops along with shorts, sundresses, and of course sandals, flip-flops, and crocs.

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While you are driving around you might want to be more comfortable and kick off your kicks, but if you are pulled over can the police issue you a ticket for driving barefoot?

The simple answer is NO. Currently, in New York State, there is no law that specifically prohibits barefoot driving, in fact, there is no law that requires footwear while operating a motor vehicle. So that means if you are pulled over by a police officer while not wearing shoes, they cannot issue a citation for driving barefoot.

The grey area is when you are involved in an accident. While it is not illegal to drive without footwear, the insurance company could try and prove that having no footwear was the cause or contributed to the cause of the accident.

They could argue that you didn't have the proper grip on your feet to use the brake or gas pedal. So while not illegal, not wearing footwear while driving could be used against you if you are involved in an automobile accident.

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