When the weather starts to turn in Buffalo, we get crazy.  The minute the thermometer hits above 40, sun roofs are open, shorts are on, and open-toed shoes abound!

I've long said, if you're gonna show those toes off that have been shoved into boots for the last five months, you better get a pedicure first.

Well, today, I realized what a hypocrite I was.

Note my ring-finger toe......

I don't make it a habit of tweeting pictures of my feet (looking forward to "follows" from those with weird foot fetishes), but I had to call myself out.  I do my own toes, I don't get proper pedicures, because my feet never look any different than if I did my own!

This also gave way to the conversation of "luxuries" you pay for that you have a hard time justifying. Like, I'll never understand people who spend $5/cup on coffee every day....that's $1200/year on something that you can make at home for a tenth of the price!  Eric says he buys coffee every day....I'd rather spend my money on things I can't do myself!

What's a "luxury" you pay for that you have a really hard time justifying to other people?Coffee?  Housekeeping? Lawn mowing service? Personal bartender? ;)