Does Justin Bieber have commitment issues? Maybe... but only when it comes to buying a home.

Hailey Baldwin's reported new hubby has allegedly signed a lease on a brand new love nest for him and his model wife—to the tune of $100K per month!

The pop star has reportedly rented out a luxury 6,000 square foot four-bedroom, seven-bathroom home in San Fernando Valley.

TMZ claims that while Bieber "doesn't wanna live in a ritzy hotel anymore ... he's not exactly ready to plunk down a ton of cash to buy a place in L.A."

Sounds fair. After all, a fancy $100K/mo. house doesn't sound like the most terrible newlywed starter home, does it?

The rental, meanwhile, is a massive, newly renovated "Mediterranean-style house" with lakefront views.

Baldwin's currently in Tokyo on a business trip, but something tells us she'll be quite pleased with her and Bieber's new digs when she returns from Japan.

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