From a recent article items you might not want to buy at a Supermarket, even with coupons or your frequent shoppers card.

  1. Baked goods - they smell great in the store but you may be paying up to $5 more per loaf for artisan bread and other baked goods. Investing in a bread machine is cheaper.
  2. Bottled Coffee and Tea - Bottled name brand Frappucino and Iced Tea is loaded with unnecessary sugar.  Brewing at home is healthier and cheaper.
  3. Bottled Water - according to Consumer Reports a full 47 percent of bottled water sold in the U.S. has tap water as its source.
  4. Cocktail mixers - bottled mixers according to reports contain 6 to 13 teaspoons of sugar PER SERVING.  Making your own at home is cheaper, healthier and you can use a sweetener of your choice.

There's more from diapers, to energy bars non-food items that are better purchased from a dollar store, pharmacy or big box store. (Easy Seniors Life)