I am not one to rush into technology.  I love the advancements as much as the next guy, but I am more of the 'wait for it to be perfected before I buy' type of guy.


I currently own the iPhone 5s, which at one point was the Cadillac of cell phones...for about 5 seconds.  I think that's what the 5s stood for.  Quickly came along the 6 and with it a whole new bunch of options.  I like to skip a generation because I feel like how much has really changed??


Now sometimes the changes are big.  For instance, my wife had the iPhone 5 which did not have the fingerprint technology.  My 5s did and it was well worth it.  I use it all the time and would be annoyed without it.

Apple Starts iPhone 6 Sales In Germany
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The arrival of the 6 really just offered a bigger phone option.  I had my sights set on the 7.  The buzz going around about the 7 was exciting and I couldn't wait for September.  Then, right before the release, I began to hear all of the negative press about the phone, and how there would be no headphone jack.  This gave me cold feet so I decided to wait and see how the new phone did in public.


This all just happened in September.  It is now the beginning of November and already I am seeing talk of the iPhone 8!  Will it have wireless charging?  Will the screen be indestructible?  Will it do your dishes for you???


This is all exciting stuff to think about but the 7 literally just came out.  Can we give it a second to enjoy the limelight and soak it all in!  The 7 is in it's infancy and we are already planning the next child.  The umbilical cord hasn't fallen off yet!!  This is like celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween, and Thanksgiving is the iPhone 7.


For what it's worth, I will give the 7 it's due and plan on upgrading once the next 7 is announced.  I am assuming there will be one, like the 7s or something that will be popular for a full 7 seconds.

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