2020 has been a year of challenges (to put it mildly) and the next couple of days could provide WNY with some Severe Weather.  We, unfortunately nationwide have a tendency to react, rather than be proactive in our thinking when it comes to emergency preparedness.  So just how prepared are YOU and your family for an emergency?

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A recent survey polled people and found that most households are not as prepared as we could be.  Here's are just some of the results and things we should be thinking about:

1.  You probably have enough food, but not enough water.  8 in 10 people have canned goods that would last three days.  But 4 out of 10 don't have three days' worth of water.

2.  Only 16% have a generator or battery back-ups.

3.  The majority of us would not have a phone or an alternate means of communication if cell service went down.

4.  Few of us have an agreed-upon meet-up place if the family gets separated.

5.  Almost half of families don't have an emergency evacuation kit or go-bag ready in the event they had to leave their residence in an emergency situation.

7.  The most-prepared cities are Houston, Miami, and Tampa.   The least-prepared are Rochester (too close for comfort), Las Vegas, and Chicago.



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