As we watched the University at Buffalo s win the MAC title over the weekend against Tolendo, it granted the Bull its third appearance ever to the NCAA tournament.

St. Bonaventure, although it lost over the weekend, had a chance to make it into the tournament and snuck in! Although Bonnies got robbed last year, they'll play in the first four this year which means WNY will have 2 teams in some March Madness action!

How many appearances does each WNY school have in NCAA tournament?

  • 1

    St. Bonaventure

    7 Appearances

    Bonnies was robbed last year, but despite losing their conference over the weekend--Selection Sunday was good to them (as they should have been with that season) The last time Bonnies went was 2012 and out of all WNY colleges, the 1970 tournament team stayed in the longest -- all the way to the Final Four.

  • 2


    4 Appearances

    Canisius was the first WNY school to debut an appearance in the Big Dance back in the 50's but have not returned since 1996.

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    3 Appearances

    The last time the Purple Eagles went to the tournament was 2012.

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    3 Appearances

    The Bulls won the MAC this weekend to go to the tournament for the 3rd time in 4 years!