Lots of parents save a lock of hair from their kids first haircut. As a matter of fact, I still have a Ziplock bag that contains the first ponytail my MOM ever grew -- no, it's not MY hair, it's HERS! I brought it back to Jamestown with me after a visit to her childhood home in Binghamton years ago. And since hair is just dead material, it still looks shiny and pretty.

Heidi Klum is a "regular" single mom of four boys...and in a recent interview with YourTango.com, she admits to being a bit of a pack rat. She did indeed save two of her boys' afros after their first shave and put the hair in a Ziplock bag. But she got a little crafty after that, and pasted it on self-portraits the boys had drawn.

Is this kind of cool...or super weird? I can't make the call.

Did you save any other odd things from your kids? And what did YOU do with it?

(PS...If you think THAT is a little off...let's not forget about the man-fur coat...)

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