Now that Western New York is in Phase 4 of the reopening, there is a chance that we all have become somewhat casual about the steps we have been taking to avoid the virus.

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It might be time to look at some of the ways COVID-19 can "sneak" into your home:

  • Through your door - Even though people have been maintaining the 6-foot rule of staying away from you but if the doorbell rings and, a delivery driver and leaves a bag on your doorstep, it is easy for the virus to be transported into your home. The best thing to do is to not touch the doorbell or the area around it. When you grab the package, keep it on the floor while removing the contents. Then wash your hands thoroughly afterward.
  • Used gloves and masks - Many people tend to take their gloves that they have used while out, into their homes, and toss them in their own trashcans. Not a good idea. You want to toss your gloves in a public garbage can and then wipe your hands with disinfectant wipes on the way home. Then wash your hands right away when you walk in.
  • Likewise, if you are wearing a cloth mask, you are responsibly doing your part in stopping the spread. As soon as you walk into the home, be sure to throw your cloth mask into the washing machine in hot water. If you must leave the house several times a week or if you are an essential worker, you will need additional cloth masks on hand.
  • On your phone - Your phone is probably one of the dirtiest things you handle any day.  Think about all the places you use it, where you set it down, how contaminated you hands can become before touching it. It is a good idea to use a disinfectant wipe to clean your phone numerous times during the day.
  • Your pet - there is a very small chance your pet will not catch the virus. However, if your hands are infected and you touch your pet, others in your home will end up with the virus after they touch the beloved dog or cat. If you want to give your dog a cuddle, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.
  • The ATM - People don’t realize that using the ATM is a easy way to transfer the virus to your hands. It is important to wear gloves when you are out. When you take them off in your car and dispose of them, be sure to have disinfectant wipes, spray or gel to wipe your hands. Then when you get home, wash your hands thoroughly.

    More ways Covid-19 can sneak into your home can be found here.


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