Getting ready for a baby can be an overwhelming and expensive endeavor. Here are two deals that'll score you a bunch of free goodies while setting up a registry.

Target has a great bonus gift for setting up a new registry. All you need to do is set up a registry and claim your gift at the customer service desk.

Lifehacker has all the details on a much larger "welcome gift" when you set up a registry on Amazon:

"To receive a box, you must be a Prime member, create an Amazon baby registry and spend at least $10 on any one item from your registry. (You can register for anything on Amazon, including non-baby items.) Once your $10 item has shipped, log back into your registry and select the Baby Registry Welcome Box by Amazon Family. The box will ship to you for free." -Lifehacker

If you're a Prime member already, chances are you'll find a reason to spend $10 in order to get the bonus box. Every little freebie helps! Here's what the Amazon box looks like: