Over the weekend former Buffalo Sabre enforcer, and current coach of the 15u Jr. Sabres got into a skirmish during a game he was coaching.  Andrew Peters allegedly took a swing at a 15 year old player according to reports.


If you don't remember Andrew Peters, he was the Sabres enforcer (or fighter) after Rob Ray.  Rob Ray was amazing at his job.  Peters is more like Rob Ray light, or Diet Ray. In his defense he had big shoes to fill as Ray was a fan favorite and was involved in some of the more memorable fights in Sabres history.  Peters had his moments, but what happened this weekend certainly wasn't one of them.

Normally I would make a joke here about what happened, but as a father of a son and daughter who play sports it is absolutely ridiculous that a coach would take a swing at a player, regardless of what they may have done to provoke you.  This becomes even more appalling (if that's even possible) by having it be by a former professional hockey player who fought for a living.


Again, the details of the event in question are still being investigated, and Peters has been suspended during this time.  He did speak on his radio show 'The Instigators' this morning and seemed remorseful for what happened.  "There's no room for what happened in youth sports," said Peters. "Going forward, I need to do a better job."


You can watch the video above and see when the opposing team's player attacks the Jr. Sabres bench.  In hockey this kind of thing happens.  Peters reacted to protect his players, but in this situation (in my opinion) he should have let his players handle it.


The Buffalo Police Department is involved and when the investigation details are released we will have a clearer picture of what happened.  Hopefully it is not as bad as it is sounding now.  There is no room for this in sports, let alone kid sports.