Do you remember things you thought were true as a child, that now you know weren't? And who told you about those things?

These are a few of the things that kids believe:

  • Limes are really lemons that haven't ripened yet
  • If you saw a PG-13 movie before you turned 13 you would get arrested
  • A really skinny guy worked inside the traffic light pole and changed the lights from red to green.
  • That gravy is really turkey blood
  •  If you didn’t jump off the end of an escalator, your shoelace could snag and suck you in and you would die.

Oh there are more, some that are check them out here when you get home.

By the way my brother once told me it was ok to put goldfish in the toilet and flush them because they know how to swim against the current.    (REDDIT)