For me, the worst part about going to the doctor's office is stepping on that dreaded scale.  Now I've gotta worry about what they talk about when I'm under???

A guy in D.C. recorded his doctors during a colonoscopy, and they talked smack about him the entire time he was under.  He was only trying to record instructions from them, but he accidentally taped the entire exam.

The anesthesiologist was joking with the gastroenterologist and a medical assistant about how the guy was annoying, how he probably had an STD or Ebola, called him the "R-word" for whining about the IV...then one sings a dumb song, and says she's going to mark "hemorrhoids" on his chart, even though he doesn't have them.

The man sued for defamation and medical malpractice and is now $500,000 richer.